Sloop laatste kas Honderdland

The demolition of Honderdland's last greenhouse in Maasdijk is currently nearing completion. In mid-March, all greenhouses of the former horticultural area between Nolweg and Oranjesluisweg will have disappeared. Nothing stands in the way to develop the last part of the new Honderdland. 

As soon as the last greenhouse has gone, the main road at Business Park Honderdland will be extended to Maasdijkplein. Positive for the many activities on the business park, because it makes the site optimally accessible from both sides.

Traffic will be able to use this road by the summer holidays and in the autumn the route will be equipped with lighting, sidewalks and plants. At the same time, the plots for new companies to be established are prepared for construction, so that the buyers of the last plots can start with the realization of their new buildings.