Guidance in purchase a company & realization logistics center

Guidance in purchase a company & realization logistics center


Triple Group has been approached for assistance with the purchase of the neighboring companies of the Jongfresh radish nursery, so that the desired growth and a logistics center can be achieved.

Ruud weet zijn kennis en ervaring op het juiste moment in te zetten waardoor er snel stappen gezet kunnen worden.

Erik de Jong


Entrepreneur Erik de Jong of Jongfresh had the ambition to expand his company and to realize a logistics center. To realize his growth ambitions, he sought support and since he already knew Ruud van der Knaap from the past, he asked Triple Group for guidance.


Jongfresh's goal was to let the company grow in phases and to innovate at the same time.


We started by mapping out the wishes and needs of the client, market developments and expectations. Questions such as 'How can Jongfresh meet the needs of the market? How will Jongfresh still be relevant in a few years? have been discussed. Our experience is that the realization of ambitions such as these is possible by first outlining the main lines and not wanting to work out details in advance. We then act as a sparring partner who ensures that things are arranged and we bring in parties who are useful in this respect.


Jongfresh's acreage has been expanded and renewed. The design of the business process has been made more efficient. We now work smarter, faster and better within the company and on the outside.

It is a great improvement for the environment that trucks are parked on site in the new situation. This has considerably improved road safety on the Madeweg.

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