Interim and transition management

Interim and transition management

Horticoop Technical Services

Triple Group helps Horticoop Technical Services (HCTS) with strategy formulation, the implementation of the strategy and strengthening the management to manage the growth of the organization.

Ambitions, internal projects and the current growth are becoming too great. Directive support is necessary. I have found a strong sparring partner in Marcel van der Zwan from Triple Group who helps me hands-on to achieve our goals.

Tom Zwijsen


In June 2022, Horticoop purchased part of the business activities and employees of the former Codema in Venlo from the curator following the bankruptcy of Codema. As of January 1, 2023, Horticoop Technical Services (HCTS) became independent and the activities and employees were transferred from Horticoop B.V. and brought in in the new company Horticoop Technical Services B.V. At the same time, a new ERP package was developed for implementation in May 2023. All this meant a lot of changes for the company. Triple Group was asked to support the newly appointed director in the transition that would follow.


The aim of Triple Group's support is to create a strong, independent and future-proof organization that is focused on growth and that can support its customers with the installation and maintenance of technical installations in the field of water, electricity, climate and mechanical engineering. The new company has been given a return target by the shareholder.


To supervise the transition of acquisition, privatization and implementation of the ERP package, an interim manager from Triple Group has started working as a so-called transition manager to support the new director. Together with the management and MT members, and supported by Hillenraad employees, a strategic plan has been drawn up with goals aimed at long-term continuity. The structure has been adjusted accordingly and in some cases (new) employees have been appointed to their (newly appointed) positions. The newly appointed core values are given substance with the aim of adapting the existing culture to the ambition of the company. The new ERP will give the organization more insight into the performance of various activities so that correct and timely adjustments can be made.


Horticoop Technical Services has now become a company with a clear identity. The strategic plan for the next three years was drawn up in 2023, the new ERP package was implemented in the spring of 2023 and a second new statutory director was appointed in February 2024. Triple Group has contributed to the 'change of course' and to the changing culture. The current contribution of Triple Group's interim manager is aimed at implementing and maintaining the new course at all levels of the organization.

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