Mergers and acquisitions

Based on strategic reasons, many companies opt for a merger or acquisition. This may be to bundle knowledge, strength and/or volume. As an expert in the sector, Triple Group has a great deal of experience in bringing companies together resulting in a merger or acquisition. Triple Group takes the lead in such a merger/acquisition process and ensures that the right steps are taken at the right time.

We take care of the preparatory work and as we know the sector inside out, we can then quickly put parties in contact with each other. As Triple Group, we do not do this alone. We use experts within our network, including a permanent team of M&A specialists with an underground track record. They do the valuation and supervise the buying and selling process. In addition, in consultation with the customer, we engage lawyers and accountants for, for example, due diligence investigations and legal settlement. We protect the interests of the customer during the entire process.

From our team

Arie Kruithof

Marcel Eek

Marcel van der Zwan

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