New build packaging and distribution center hygiene products

New build packaging and distribution center hygiene products

MTS Euro Products

For MTS Euro Products, a supplier of hygiene products, Triple Group carried out the project management for the realization of the new distribution center and head office to be built on the Hooge Zeedijk in Maassluis.

We have experienced a perfect collaboration. I am very proud of the building and the collaboration during the whole process.

Gerrit Malipaard


MTS Euro Products wanted to merge the existing operation from three locations into one new location that would also have sufficient room for growth. A plot was purchased for the new building along the Scheur, the extension of the Nieuwe Waterweg, in Maassluis. There was already a design for the new building and a contractor was in the picture. Because MTS Euro Products needed good guidance for the realization of the plan, contact was made with Triple Group. Shortly afterwards, we were instructed to take up project management and provide supervision during construction.


The realization of a new distribution center with head office with the BREAAM-NL Excellent certificate, which guarantees that this new construction project scores excellent on sustainability.


During the first meeting with Triple Group, a design for the new building had already been worked out and a contractor was involved. As a result, we immediately made a flying start and were able to proceed to the construction team selection. We have selected installers to further develop the design and prepare construction together with the structural contractor in a construction team. Because of the many parties involved and especially because a sprinkler system had to be incorporated into the design at an advanced stage, it was an interesting and quite complex project to coordinate.


In October 2021, the impressive building of MTS Euro Products was taken into use. MTS Euro Products has been awarded the BREEAM-NL Excellent certificate for this. The new building is completely gas-free and self-sufficient in electricity, has energy-efficient installations, a good indoor climate, lots of greenery around the building and semi-paving on the site for water storage.

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