About us

Triple Group is an experienced and committed partner for companies in the hortibusiness. Since the start in 2006, we have grown into the knowledge and network centre. The management consists of Maarten Veldman, Marcel Eek and Marcel van der Zwan.

We feel involved in every assignment, every project, and all our clients. We listen and ask (critical) questions to clarify the clients’ needs. Together we work on the best solution. How? Our approach is pragmatic and no-nonsense. A successful method and pleasant working method for our clients, as our experience shows. We work decisively and are enterprising and creative in finding the right solution. Writing thick reports is not for us. We prefer to sit next to you at the table and roll up our sleeves.

We have a lot of expertise from important management disciplines in-house. In addition, we have a large network of reliable relationships, which we call in if the situation requires it. In short, we pull out all the stops to find the best answer to every question.

Our team

Annet Hooijmans

Anouschka Blom-van Leeuwen

Arie Kruithof

Dennis Vermeulen

Elles Zwinkels

Elvera van der Meijden

Jill van der Salm

Jochem Bos

Junior Projectmanager Bouw - Vacature!

Luc van der Bij

Maarten Veldman

Marcel Eek

Marcel van der Zwan

Mirjam Westbroek

René Gomersbach

Ruud van der Knaap

Sonja in ’t Veld

Board of Directors: Marcel Eek, Maarten Veldman and Marcel van der Zwan

From 2006 to the present

The history of Triple Group dates from 2006. The year in which the predecessor of Triple Group founded Triple Consultancy. Three entrepreneurs with a background in fruit, vegetable, and floriculture (Eric in 't Veld, Kees de Wit and Hans Vis) started a consultancy firm in logistics, finance, and area development together. Shortly after its foundation, this trio was joined by Arie Kruithof.

In practice, the company turned out to do more than advice. That is why the company its name changed to Triple Group in 2016. The management now consists of Marcel van der Zwan, Maarten Veldman and Marcel Eek. Experienced professionals with 15 to 30 years of experience in the hortisector. Former board members Arie Kruithof and Eric in 't Veld are still involved in Triple Group as minority shareholders. Arie still works at Triple Group and Eric has been the director of a plant nursery that specializes in plant cultivation since 2021.


The dynamic horticultural sector is constantly evolving, and market players are getting bigger and bigger. As a result, the business operations of companies in the horticulture sector are becoming more complex and the need for professionalization is increasing. In this playing field, Triple Group fulfills co-entrepreneurship. We help clients realize their ambitions, with a long-term strategy as a point of departure. For logistics issues and project management, we look beyond the hortibusiness and use our knowledge and experience in other sectors as well.


Triple Group wants to be a knowledge and network centre for the hortisector in the long term and enters into sustainable relationships with its customers. From its long-standing solid roots in the fruit and vegetable and floriculture sector, Triple Group has also developed into a successful logistics consultant and project manager for logistics and construction projects within and outside the hortibusiness. Triple Group also wants to deliver its added value to companies in other sectors with logistics and project management.

Involved in society

Triple Group feels involved in society, sports, and club life. That is why Triple Group supports various national and local organizations.