Corporate Governance

Triple Group is an experienced partner in the formation and leadership of an external advisory board. Different structures are feasible, each with its business arrangements. The following varieties are possible:

Advisory Board

Supervisory Board

Voting trust foundation

Board of Directors

Nowadays, companies are appointing more often an external board supporting the organization in defining strategy, supervision or acting as a sparring partner. The formation and role depend on the case and wishes. Based on experience, entrepreneurs appreciate discussing business issues and developments with an independent collocutor outside their firm.

To establish an external board with added value, it is essential to select the right members with suitable skills and expertise. Triple Group has an extensive network and knowledgeable colleagues to help you with this next step.

Would you like to investigate the possibilities of an external board? We are happy to support you.

From our team

Annet Hooijmans

Arie Kruithof

Marcel Eek

Marcel van der Zwan

René Gomersbach

Ruud van der Knaap

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