Advisory Board

Advisory Board

VG Holding B.V.

For VG, Triple Group provides substance to the Advisory Board of VG Orchids and VG Colors by contributing ideas and advising on the company's strategy and long-term policy with external expertise. Operational issues are also discussed.

It is good and useful (and certainly also fun) to come up with new fresh ideas together with Triple Group. Sometimes your company needs a different view of things, which Triple Group can give you.

André van Geest


When VG's management was reformed in 2014, the idea arose of attracting an external sounding board to exchange ideas about developments, issues and decisions to be taken with which the company has to deal. As an advisor to the management, Triple Group had been involved with VG for a long time, so Triple Group was asked to help think about an external board.


The main purpose of an external board is the involvement and advice of a number of independent, external confidential advisers who assist the board with knowledge and experience and who feel connected to the company. So that concerns and difficult issues of the management can be regularly exposed and solutions can be provided.


When VG announced that it was exploring the possibility of an external board, various discussions were held internally to determine exactly what needs the new, fairly inexperienced VG management had. VG needed a sounding board with specific expertise in the field of market, cultivation technology and finance. Based on its experience with various forms of external management, Triple Group proposed to set up an Advisory Board. An Advisory Board is a body of external experts, each with knowledge and experience in a different field, so that every relevant expertise for the company is represented in the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board advises and is critical about the actions of the management without any consequences being attached to this. The VG management is free to follow advice and remains responsible for its decisions. An Advisory Board has been formed for VG to assist the management, consisting of a market and product expert, a former entrepreneur from the sector and a financial expert from Triple Group.


Reeds jaren komt de Raad van Advies van VG zo’n 10 keer per jaar bij elkaar waarin directie en adviseurs met elkaar de (markt)ontwikkelingen, prestaties en vraagstukken van het bedrijf bespreken. Tijdens beleidsdagen wordt lange-termijnbeleid besproken en wordt de strategie van het bedrijf vormgegeven.

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