New Management Board Triple Group

Triple Group has a new Management Board as of 1 March. After a transition year, Arie Kruithof and Eric in 't Veld have handed over the baton to fellow shareholders Marcel van der Zwan, Maarten Veldman and Marcel Eek. From now on, these three will form the management of Triple Group. 

Former board members Arie Kruithof and Eric in 't Veld remain involved in the background as minority holders. Arie Kruithof continues to work for Triple Group, unlike Eric in 't Veld, who has been director of Vreugdenhil Young Plants since last year.

Internally, this change has already become practically common. All three men have been responsible for the various portfolios for some time now. Triple Group's pragmatic approach remains unchanged. Triple Group remains the knowledge and network center for greenhouse horticulture, with this multidisciplinary approach. Every day, the team uses its own knowledge and, if necessary, the expertise of customers to support clients in a solution-oriented way. Triple Group remains that entrepreneur next to the entrepreneurs.

Photo shown is from February last year. Hopefully there will be an opportunity to capture the gentlemen in your new positions soon.