Organizations become bigger, importance of structural increases

Regarding the increasing scale of companies many entrepreneurs want to expand their personnel organization in step with the company, but they don't know how to realize it. It must be prevented that the structure within the company will weaken and/or islands will arise with consequences that entails. Triple Group was recently allowed to professionalize the personnel organization for a number of ambitious companies, focusing of greenhouse horticulture.

Within a few months we were able to set up the organizational structure with all functionalities in such a way it's ready for the future. Sometimes this can be faster, or it takes more time if more factors play a role. It is important that the organizational structure remains the backbone - the support base - for everything that the organization has to accomplish every day. Job profiles have been established for all positions, so that tasks and responsibilities are also clear. Also for future new positions, so that the job profiles of vacancies are ready and that new employees can be searched for.

Assessment, remuneration and growth opportunities become more transparent for all involved. That makes it concrete and useful. Because that's what it's all about for the entrepreneur and certainly Triple Group.

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