New distribution center Smits Zevenhuizen operational

After two years of engineering and construction, Smits Zevenhuizen's new building is located on the Zuidelijke Dwarsweg in Zevenhuizen. The new building will give Smits more space for the business processes of processing and distributing cheese and animal feed, which are also extensively automated and mechanized. Modern office and staff spaces have also been installed in the new building. The innovative design largely came from the entrepreneurs themselves. They engaged Triple Group to realize the plans. It was a wonderful collaborative process with client Smits Zevenhuizen, advisors Van Emmerik & Van der Weide, SKS Group and Enbuko, and executive parties Van Hoorn & Van der Kley, B&V Techniek, Weber Klimaattechniek, Jungheinrich, MTH Liften and Viscon.