New building of Freight Line Europe fully in use

The operation of Freight Line Europe has been active since the beginning of February in the beautiful, new housing on Honderdland in Maasdijk. These weeks, the final deliveries will be made by the parties that put the finishing touches. The result is a beautiful and fully furnished building where logistics service provider Freight Line can perform all its activities efficiently: a fully conditioned business space, offices, a private car wash and a trendy sky bar at the highest point.

Eighteen months ago, from our role as director with Freight Line Europe, we, Triple Group, sat around the table to make an inventory of all wishes and needs for the new building. From that moment on we were able to completely relieve the client during discussions with authorities and stakeholders, the environmental permit and the follow-up. We selected construction team partners on the basis of sketch drawings and then together we came to the final design that was then realized in a year's time. Many parties were working at the same time and, as almost always, there were also some challenges. As a project manager we can say with satisfaction and pride that the new building has been realized within budget!