Strategy determination and action plan

Strategy determination and action plan

Leading horticultural supplier

Triple Group helps a leading horticultural supplier to determine its strategy and to translate the strategy into a plan of action.


The horticultural supplier has experienced strong growth in recent years and the growth is expected to continue in the coming years. When determining the course for the future, the shareholder wanted to exchange ideas. That is why he approached Triple Group to initially act as a sounding board.


The entrepreneur had the goal of the exercise in mind: the continuity of the company. A feasible future strategy had to be determined.


We quickly examined the existing plans to determine the strategy of the horticultural supplier. What is the status quo? The vision, ambitions and characteristics of the company were formulated on the basis of discussions. From there, the strategy and approach with concrete actions were determined.


In consultation with the client, we have determined a strategy for the company for the next five years and the plan of action is being rolled out.

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