New build logistics hub with accommodation drivers

New build logistics hub with accommodation drivers


For BosDaalen, Triple Group carried out the project management for the realization of the new logistics hub to be built in Eschbach, southern Germany.

In our plans, Triple thinks along with our processes where they really sit on our chair. Flexible and creative. A pleasant sparring partner with decisive and pragmatic solutions. Gerald van den Bosch

Gerard van den Bos


BosDaalen has developed a plan for a logistics hub, a transfer point for drivers, in Eschbach in southern Germany for a pleasant and healthy transport process for vegetables, fruit, flowers and plants. Eschbach is located just above Switzerland and close to the French border.

The plan involved a warehouse for the storage/transshipment of goods with accommodation facilities for drivers, such as sleeping, eating and sanitary facilities.


The design for the logistics hub had to be worked out, contractors had to be purchased and the new building had to be built. Triple Group was asked to coordinate this process and to act as delegated client and to monitor the construction on budget, schedule and quality.


Starting point for Triple Group was the design by a German architect. Our role as project manager is that of a spider in the web that relieves the client and acts from the client's perspective. To ensure that the process from design to realization runs smoothly, we have properly agreed on the approach, the division of tasks with the architect and a consultation structure. We then put together a design team with whom periodic consultation took place. After selection of contractors, construction and construction meetings with contractors started. Every two weeks we monitored the progress on site and provided guidance. This worked very well, also thanks to smooth consultation with the client and the local architect.


The logistics hub has been in use since 2017. The client and drivers are satisfied with the development of the transfer point.

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