New website is live!

Because time and developments do not stand still, it was time to refresh our website. We are proud to announce that our completely new website is now online. Not only the appearance of the website, but also the functionalities have been refreshed.


The reason for overhauling the website was the desire to make a professionalization move and more in line with today's times. The site had to be better, faster and more modern. In addition to a smoother (and more beautiful) appearance, the main goal remains to inform the reader and to get in touch with (one of) us more easily.

Practical navigation

In addition to the new look and feel of the website, a number of other things have also been adjusted, changed and improved. For example, there is a new, more modern way of navigating the website. As a result, we no longer work with drop-down menus. In contrast to the previous website, it is now easier to click through to pages in which you may also be interested. This makes the use of the website feel more natural and is more user-friendly for the visitor.

Old and familiar

Many changes have been made to improve our website, but of course the engine of our company has remained the same: the Triple Group team. With a click of the mouse you can read about each employee, link to his or her linkedin page and call or email directly.

Thank customers for cooperation

Many of our customers have been part of the realization of the new website. By, among other things, granting permission to take photos of their company. We would like to thank our customers once again for their cooperation. We couldn't have realized the beautiful new look of the website without you!