New construction or renovation, what's sensible for your company?

Many entrepreneurs entertain a certain idea and wonder whether that idea is feasible and / or profitable. Due to a lack of time or insight, they fail to figure this out, regardless of where to start. We then perform a quick scan for those customers; a main analysis with an indication of next steps that are necessary to achieve the goal.

If you get stuck in your current building, such a quick scan provides a useful picture of your options. Various scenarios of continuing in the current building and moving to a new building are compared, each substantiated with advantages and disadvantages and the associated cost pictures.

Depending on the specific situation, a presentation of the new situation and the new operational / logistics process can be presented.

With a quick scan, an idea can be tested in near foreseeable future and at minimal cost, without immediately starting a detailed design and bringing in consultants. What Triple Group presents to you after the quick scan gives you concrete tools to make decisions for your situation.

An additional advantage is that quick wins are provided through insight and objectivity for the current situation and / or bottlenecks without the need for major adjustments.

So if you have an idea, but if you are unsure about the feasibility of your idea, do not hesitate and contact us without obligation.