Impressive sustainable new construction Dnata at Schiphol

At the beginning of this year, construction started on Vrachtgebouw 17, the new building for Dnata, one of the largest cargo handlers at Schiphol. 7 months after the start, the progress of the new building is impressive. In the first place because of the impressive timber-frame construction, because by far the majority of new buildings are constructed with a concrete or steel construction. This wood construction is strong, has a natural look and is extremely durable. Sustainability is the reason that wood was chosen.
The wood used for the roof construction will grow back in just one year(!) in the sustainably managed forests, mainly in Europe. In addition, it can be recycled and little energy is required for production and processing. It thus contributes to sustainable CO2 storage and minimization of the greenhouse effect. It is just one example of the circular building principle of the new building, for which the BREEAM-NL Excellent certificate is obtained.
The impression gives an insight into what the freight building looks like inside. Reality looks exactly like this. Construction is on schedule and the construction site looks neat. Congratulations to all parties involved in the construction!
Client Schiphol Commercial | Real Estate had laid down the sustainability condition. DP6 architectuurstudioPieters Bouwtechniek and Halmos Adviseurs made the design. De Vries en Verburg Bouw B.V. is the contractor Triple Group manages the entire realization.
Impressie: DP6 Architectuurstudio; foto’s: Triple Group