Sustainable Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub

Sustainability can be summed up in one word with the Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub, which is being built along the North Sea Canal. The entire concept of the ALC is aimed at this: qualitative distribution in which raw materials are used economically and intelligently. This applies during the construction of the Cityhub, as it is built strictly according to BREEAM Excellence certification, and certainly also from the moment the Cityhub becomes operational. More and more facilities of the Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub are becoming visible.

Last week, the first two windmills were installed, the fast-charging plaza for trucks at the head of the site is taking shape and next week the supplier of the solar panels will start. The two-storey parking garage is also starting to take shape, where electric cars will soon be able to charge on all long sides. It is great to be involved as a director in the realization of the ALC.