Monitoring performance and sparring partner for shareholders

Monitoring performance and sparring partner for shareholders

Batist Oranjepolder

Triple Group helps Batist Oranjepolder with financial guidance by monitoring the company's performance and discussing it periodically. At the same time, Triple Group is a sparring partner for shareholders about investments and future strategy.


Batist Oranjepolder needed financial insight and its interpretation. Triple Group was approached with the question whether it could guide the company.


The aim of the guidance is to improve the efficiency of Batist Oranjepolder where possible.


Conditions for being able to provide good financial guidance are a click, trust and openness. Together with the client, we set goals and formulated steps to increase returns. We have managed to structure the organization better and we provide tools for determining the future vision and planning.


With the cooperation of the client, we assessed the organization and set it up differently, so that processes ran better. Financial insight has been achieved with owners. They already had a focus on the company, but they now also have much more control over their company.

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Bedrijfskundige en financiele begeleiding

Business and Finance

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Annet Hooijmans

Luc van der Bij

Marcel van der Zwan