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Triple Group launches new company: Horti Analytics

200312 Horti Analytics taart slideRicardo Prins (Horti Analytics) in the middle, Dennis Vermeulen and Maarten Veldman (left) and Ruud van der Knaap and Marcel Eek (right) of Triple Group 

Together with Ricardo Prins, Triple Group starts a company in Business Intelligence and Business Analytics in the horticultural sector. The company is called Horti Analytics. Through the application of Business Intelligence, data becomes relevant and applicable. For instance, by tailored dashboard which are easy to read and interpret. Analysis and predications can be made by the usage of data, which are a tool for strategic and operational decision making.

"Companies that are able to get the right insights from data have a great strategical advantage. It is the role of Horti Analytics to identify possibilities and get the customers started. By translating data, entrepreneurs can achieve their objectives faster and increase their returns," according to the passionate and data-driven Ricardo Prins.

The knowledge and expertise in the horticultural sector of Triple Group together with the knowhow from Ricardo Prins creates an unique business formula named Horti Analytics. Ricardo Prins (son of a grower) has a business background and obtained his Masters degree in Business Information Management from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He is also co-owner of the marketing company Social 1-2-TREE, which is also active within the sector.

Triple Group is a well-known name as a knowledge and expertise center in the horticultural industry. Since 2006 we have carried out numerous projects in de field of Finance, Logistics, Participations, Strategic, Interim and Project Management. The goal-oriented and pragmatic no nonsense approach ensures a successful project outcome. Triple Group participates in several companies, among which Horti Analytics from now onwards. 

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Ricardo Prins of Horti Analytics (left) and Marcel Eek of Triple Group